4.03.2019 8:09 PM

Agile Lunch with Mike Edwards

1.29.2019 9:51 AM

Rob Ricigliano - Dump the Terms ‘Success’ and ‘Failure’

  • To be successful you need to dump the term success!
  • If the game is going forever, when do you win or lose? 
  • Success/failure thinking is self-defeating for peacebuilders. 
  • Success/failure thinking keeps us from doing. 
  • At best, failure is like Broccoli.
  • And, success is like chocolate! 

1.28.2019 9:36 AM

Lyssa: Resistance to the agile coach

This is a quick mentoring/advice session for all of you who have problems with people resisting your efforts as an agile coach.

9:31 AM

How can I justify 2 roles for a Scrum Master & an Agile Coach?

Lyssa Adkins offers the bottom line: maybe you can't justify 2 roles and maybe that's right. Or, maybe you can and maybe that's right. She offers some ways to determine whether two roles are needed and lays out the competencies agile coaches (at any level) need to be developing in teams for us to call that role fully occupied.